A mom from England took to Facebook to warn other parents after her toddler came in contact with the product.

By Maressa Brown
April 20, 2017

A mom from England is on a mission to make sure we see how problematic laundry detergent pods can be when we use them around our L.O.s. Posting to Facebook earlier this week, Jemima Strain shared that she was doing some laundry when her son came in contact with the everyday cleaning supply. "My little human picked one up, as he always helps to do the washing, and it popped," she wrote. "On arriving at [the hospital], we spent over an hour and a half with a full team of nurses who had to hold him down and force his eyes open while trying to neutralize the liquid with a liter and a half of saline fluid to wash out his eyes. He was traumatized, as was I."

Strain explained that doctors told the family that her son had chemical burns to his eyes, and if they hadn't washed them as quickly as they did, he would have suffered further damage. She went on to say that some kids have even had their corneas burned off from similar accidents.

"PLEASE LET EVERYONE YOU KNOW HEAR OF THIS," Strain wrote. "And share it as a warning. ... The manufacturers need to look at child-proofing the boxes. And take this much more seriously."

What a nightmare. Here's the full post and photographic evidence of the awful accident that Strain shared with her followers.

Although no one should have to go through a harrowing experience like this, hopefully Strain's account and warning will prevent further, completely unnecessary incidents down the road.


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