Little Girl's Injury Involving a Hatchimals Bath Bomb Is Being Investigated Further

Jennifer Renee shared on Facebook that she believed the bath bomb gave her daughter chemical burns.

Hatchimals were all the rage for the holidays last year, and in 2017, the brand is back. But not every headline related to the toys has been so merry and bright. Last Friday, December 8, a mom named Jennifer Renee set off alarm bells among other parents when she took to Facebook to allege that her daughter suffered chemical burns from a Hatchimals bath bomb. The product is like other bath bombs that create a fizzy, aromatherapeutic effect for your soak, though supposedly formulated for kids. The other twist: The bomb dissolves only to reveal a Hatchimal toy.

The post has since been removed or changed to a more private setting, but according to, the mom wrote, "PSA! Do NOT buy this for your children! Followed directions on package and placed in her bathtub. Thought it would be fun for her because there was a toy inside. After being in the water 30-45 seconds she stated her skin was hurting, upon looking she has received a chemical burn from a KIDS BATH BOMB. (no she was not holding it and she has used multiple different kinds of bath bombs and never had this reaction) Just a warning people."

According to, Jennifer reported that her daughter Willow was diagnosed with a chemical burn and not an allergic reaction. In a follow-up post, she shared the batch number and an update on the action she had taken in the wake of her daughter's incident. "I called the company and the batch number being investigated and is likely going to be recalled as numerous reports have been made (not all the burning reaction she got)," she wrote. "It is so easy for a person working in a factory to overdo the ingredients in a batch and just ignore it. I am posting this just in hopes people will monitor closely. Everyone loves bath bombs. Lesson learned. All natural ones from now on."

Although this mom's experience is certainly disturbing, it appears as though there's an ongoing investigation related to the matter. Snopes reached out to the manufacturer of Hatchimal bath bombs, Spin Master, Ltd., who told the site via email that "they had been made aware of the post on Facebook but were unable to comment on it further until they had more information." Here's their statement:

Spin Master was made aware of the situation via a Facebook post and we are in the process of looking into the matter with the licensee company to whom Spin Master licensed the Hatchimals brand. We are saddened to learn about a young girl’s injuries. That said, it would be premature to comment further on the situation until we learn more.  We are working closely with the product’s licensee manufacturer and distributor to determine whether there are any product issues.

Fingers crossed the company gets to the bottom of this situtation swiftly, for the sake of other Hatchimal-loving kids and their concerned parents.


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