Mom's Viral Post About Daughter's Dramatic Note Prompts Other Parents to Share Kids' Guilt-Inducing Letters

Don't worry, your kiddo isn't the only one who knows how to lay on the guilt! Read these melodramatic missives and weep—with laughter.

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Guilt and parenthood go together like peanut butter and jelly. So when one mom, who blogs as the Unmumsy Mum on Facebook, shared a recent note her 9-year-old daughter wrote to her that lays on the guilt thicker than diaper cream on a bum with a raging rash, the Internet collectively said, "Yup, us too."

"Kids know just how to get you in the guilts!" mom Sarah wrote as a caption to the note, in which little Ellie confesses she knows she was mean to her mom when she was asked to clean her room. And she's sorry, she adds. But when Ellie "declared she wanted to be sold on eBay (because she didn't want to be part of the family anymore)," her mom, in the heat of the moment, replied no one would buy her.

As Ellie writes, those words "shattered her heart." The girl added in the handwritten note, "At least now I know how ashamed you are of me."


Sarah says thankfully, her daughter's "shattered heart is now mended."

I'm impressed Sarah is able to find the humor in this situation, as I regularly let my kids' guilt trips really get to me. I'm sure the empathetic comments to her post helped to also mend Sarah's heart.

"I regularly get pages of drivel like this from my middle daughter," one commenter assured her.

Another shared, "We had this note from our 6 year old son after he had been sent to his room a few weeks ago (it was thrown down the stairs)." He also posted a photo of the note which begged his parents to let him out of his room, claiming he was the "saddest he could be."

Yet another parents said, "My daughter is 5 and I am often been told how mean I am, especially when I ask her to do something."

More than 685 comments in all followed from parents whose kids aren't afraid to lay on the guilt. Many featured photos of handwritten notes similar to the one Ellie wrote her mom.

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What I love about parents sharing these notes is that it makes you realize all kids somehow innately know how to make their moms and dads feel guilty. So maybe we shouldn't take it so seriously when they say things like, "Every other parent lets their kid get a cell phone." Or, "I wish I had another mom." Not that my kids say these things to me. Okay, they have. And sniff, I'm okay. No, seriously, Sarah, now I feel okay.

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