Mom's Video Nails the Struggle of Sharing a Bed With Your Child

If you have ever shared a bed with a child who is more like an "octopus who is practicing some dance routine," then this video is for you.

It's a question I have pondered on many a sleepless night in bed with one of my three children: Why in God's name do they move so much?

My fellow mom-of-three, Tova Levy, has a little fun with the mystery of kids' erratic sleep patterns in a new video on her Facebook page, Tova Leigh - My Thoughts on Stuff.

In "Sharing a bed with your child," the mom of 3-year-old twin girls, as well as a 5-year-old daughter, gets a butt in the face, a foot in the mouth, and even winds up on the floor at one point.

Levy told about her brood, "They share a room and happily sleep in their own beds. But like most moms, sharing a bed with my kids sometimes does happen, and when they were younger it would happen more often."

She says about mommy-and-me sleepovers, "It's always so much fun in theory...hugs, cuddles, snuggles, etcetera, but in practice it's more like sharing a bed with an octopus who is practicing some dance routine!"

Of course, the video is meant to make people laugh, so Levy admits it's over-the-top. "But the heart of it is true, which is why I think so many people related to it." She adds, "These days when my kids ask to sleep with us in the bed I either say 'no' or place pillows between us for protection!"

Good move. Meanwhile, I may never understand why kids sleep like fish flipping around on a dock. But at least all of us parents can laugh at the torture that is bed-sharing with our children.

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and a mom. Find her on Facebook where she chronicles her life momming under the influence. Of coffee.


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