If you've ever sat through a "joke" told by a child under the age of 7, you'll definitely relate to this mom's rant about their knock-knock jokes.


Want to hear a joke my 6-year-old told us recently? I'm sure you don't, but here it is anyway:

Her: Knock, knock.

Me: Who's there?

Her: Banana.

Me: Banana who?

Her: Banana ostrich.

Yeah. I don't get it either. But she still thought this was the funniest joke she'd ever heard.

My experience with kids telling "jokes" made me LOL at That's Inappropriate blogger Meredith Masony's latest video that nails how kids are just not good at telling jokes, period.

The mom-of-three offers this advice to parents when their kids say, "Knock, knock."

"Whatever you do, do not say, 'Who's there?'" Because, according to Masony, at no point will you ever find out who is there.

"There will never be a punchline!" she cautions.

Instead, the joke is a rambling review of your kid's day, kids in her class, homework, and other random stuff. But again, no punchline.

Still, like my little girl, any kid who attempts a joke will think it's beyond hilarious. As we parents sit there, trying to be polite, but so not getting it, and so hoping another joke isn't next.

kids' jokes are painfully unfunny
Credit: That's Inappropriate/YouTube

Masony calls kids' jokes "Not knock knock jokes." And I'd say that's more than accurate. She also thinks kids' jokes are torture. As she told Parents.com, "The only thing worse than a kid joke is the never-ending story that usually follows the joke."

She admits she still always feels compelled to answer, "Who's there?" explaining to us, "I think it is just human nature to want to ask. But it is never a good idea!"

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