Does your attempt at a shower look anything like this?

By Melissa Willets
November 17, 2016

Every mom knows the feeling of needing just five minutes to herself. The shower is where most of us get a break. But as mom blogger Meredith Masony hilariously points out in a new video on her blog, That's Inappropriate, five minutes of uninterrupted time is actually waaaay too much to ask of kids.

Like Masony, I often find myself bombarded with requests the minute the hot water hits my shoulders, ranging from "I want fruit snacks!" to "What are we having for dinner?" It's like kids sense when their mom is having a moment to herself and know to pounce.

But all we want to do is, as Masony says, smell "less like a bag of onions and more like a human being." Is this unreasonable?!?


Because EVERYTHING is an emergency when mom isn't 100 percent focused on the kids. Even a Lego being taken by a sibling. Omg! Call the police! According to Masony, being clean and looking like a human being shouldn't be a luxury. But for moms, I think we can all agree, it so is! I mean, I haven't showered yet today. And chances are, I won't get that chance. At this point, with three kids who have constant needs and rotating runny noses, I'm averaging one shower every two days. asked Masony when the last time was that she had an uninterrupted five-minute shower. " I would have to say that it was about 11 years ago, pre-children," she joked. But no, really.

Watch the entire video to see the other person who "wants a piece" of mom while she's in the shower! Then tell me you can't totally relate to every second of this attempt at an uninterrupted five-minute shower.

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and a mom. Find her on Facebook where she chronicles her life momming under the influence. Of coffee.