Mom's Video Nails Hilarious Things We Say About Parenting Before Kids

Unless you live on a mountain, in space, promising things like your kids will NEVER eat junk food is just, well, hilarious.

What We Say About Parenting Before Kids
Photo: Tova Leigh/YouTube

Before kids, we all have lofty goals when it comes to what kind of parents we want to be. I wanted to practice patience with my children, no matter what. I wasn't going to let them eat junk food. And I certainly wasn't going to yell, ever.

Then I had kids. And in reality, I learned that my goals were laughably out of sync with what being a parent was really like, day-to-day. For instance, I'm patient with them a lot of the time, but not always. My kids totally eat Doritos and pizza bagels more than I'd like to admit. And the yelling part? Well, I've figured out that with three kiddos talking at top volume, sometimes yelling is the only way for them to hear me!

My before-kids conception of parenting versus what it's really like is why I had to laugh at a new video, "What People Say Before Having Kids." In the short clip, Tova Leigh from the YouTube channel "My Thoughts About Stuff" calls out some totally ridiculous things non-parents declare about parenthood.

Not that I'm judging those people; I was once one of them. But to all parents, their out-of-step-with reality assertions are eyeroll-worthy. Such as:

"My kids are not going to be sitting in front of the TV."

"I'm never going to give my kids any junk food or sweets!"

"My kids are never going to throw tantrums in public!"

"I am going to be a super-cool parent!"

Leigh has heard non-parents say all of this, and more. And you know what she has to say in response? Well, it's not so much words as out-of-control laughter. Yeah, she doesn't stop laughing for quite some time. And it's hilarious.

Clearly her take on this issue has resonated with people across the Internet, as her video has already received 376k views in just 24 hours on Facebook.

"'I will embrace my children every time they cry or whine.' Hah!!! If I did that, I'd be holding my 4- and 6-year-olds all day," one commenter relatably said.

"i always said i cant believe how lazy moms are that send their toddlers to school if they are stay at home moms... i get it now.. i appologise [sic].. toddlers = hard freakin work!!!" another commenter wrote.

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Look, it's not like all your morals fly out the window once you have kids. It's just that raising kids is about 80 zillion times harder than you can even imagine, and no parent is perfect, and that is okay!

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and a mom. Find her on Facebook where she chronicles her life momming under the influence. Of coffee.

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