Mom's Video Love/Hate Letter to Her Appliances Is All of Us

The That's Inappropriate blogger confesses her true feelings about the appliances she (and every mom) relies on to get through the day.

meredith masony loves her coffee maker
Photo: That's Inappropriate/YouTube

In a new YouTube video, That's Inappropriate blogger Meredith Masony professes her undying love/hate for the appliances no mom can live without.

Like her washing machine. Masony relatably explains how she loves it because it cleans the poop stains off her kids' underpants, yet she hates it because like all moms, she spends an exorbitant amount of time putting clothes in and taking clothes out of it.

And her coffee maker. Masony loves it because without it, she admits she shouldn't be allowed to talk to people. Okay, there's nothing she hates about her coffee maker.

Then there's the vacuum cleaner.

meredith masony loves/hates her vacuum
That's Inappropriate/YouTube

I'm so attached to mine, we practically share a bed. In Masony's case, she admits, "I use this bad boy on every surface." Even tables. Yup, she went there.

But, although the vacuum is truly a mom's best friend, it's also friggin' annoying that you have to use it. Every. Single. Solitary. Day. Of. Your. Life.

And finally, her mop? Yeah, it's there for her. Like when she has to clean urine from in front of the toilet. Because her kids can't be bothered to work on their aim.

Masony admits the fact that she's professing her love for her appliances is kinda sad, but then again, needing them just means she's a mom. And we are all right there with you, Meredith!

Still, we asked her if she HAD to live without one of her appliances for a week, which one would she choose? Her response: "I would have to pick the vacuum. I need clean undies and coffee for sure!"




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