"That's Inappropriate" mom Meredith Masony ponders why kids never want to wake up for school but love bright-and-early weekends.

By Melissa Willets
January 19, 2017
weekdays wake up call
Credit: That's Inappropriate/YouTube

"That's Inappropriate" blogger Meredith Masony explores a mystery that plagues all parents in a new video called "Waking Up The Kids: Week Days vs. Weekends."

First, we see Masony go into her kids' rooms on a week day. And just like with my kids, they are in no mood to go to school. Again.

It's as if all kids forget that every day, they have to get up. And every day, they have to go to school. I hear the same thing almost every morning: "I don't want to go to school!" It's so darn frustrating! Because as Masony tells her kids, "I don't care,"—the law says they have to go.

Masony is actually nicer to her kids than I am about getting up, because she gives them a few extra minutes to snooze. When I go into my kids' rooms, I'm like, "You have to get out of bed NOW." Admittedly, that's usually because I've left no time for fooling around.

Next, we see what it's like for this mama-of-three "waking" up the kids on weekends. Similarly to how things go in my house on Saturdays and Sundays—when we have nowhere we have to be for hours—magically the kids have no problem getting out of bed. So it's actually the kids who wake up Masony.

weekend wake up call
Credit: That's Inappropriate/YouTube

"I am not sure why they do it, but I know that they LOVE to drive me batty at 6:30 AM!!!" Masony told Parents.com.

Well, if you ever need someone to commiserate with, know that I'm probably up, too, as are many "tortured" parents across the country!

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