These moms transposed their daughters' signatures in a beautiful way to honor them after they tragically passed away.


In a new post on the Facebook page Infinite Love for Kids Fighting Cancer, two moms who lost their beautiful daughters to the cruel disease shared the touching way they honored their sweet girls' memories and continue to stay close to them.

Tina Koubek Edel told, "I never imagined that I would want to get a tattoonever had the interest. But since Julianna died, I have been thinking how much I wanted to have her signature tattooed on me. It seemed like a way to keep something unique of hers with me all the time."

Edel's friend Andrea happened to have a note signed from Julianna, and the tattoo artist was able to transpose the signature onto her mama's wrist. Her friend Sue Levy Funck, whose little girl Hannah had passed away from childhood cancer just a week after Julianna, also had her daughter's signature tattooed to her own wrist.

"As Sue so perfectly put it she could always feel her Hannah, but now she can 'see' her too," the Facebook post recounts.

mom tattoos daughter's signature on her wrist
Credit: Photo courtesy of Tina Koubek Edel

"I wish I could say that I feel Julianna with me all the time," Edel also told us. "I know other parents who say that about their children who have died. The truth is that all the time I acutely feel her absence. It seems so long ago that I hugged her or heard her laugh. As soon as I had the tattoo done, I looked down at my wrist and knew it was the right decision. I have something of hers that is uniquely hersher signature—permanently with me. I don't know if it makes sense, but it gives me something tangible to see and touch, since I don't have her."

Credit: Photo courtesy of Tina Koubek Edel

Our hearts go out to these loving moms, and hope their permanent reminders of their daughters bring them some comfort now, and always.

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