If your kids fight over anyhing and everything all day long, you'll appreciate this video.


As a mom-of-three, sometimes I feel like my kids literally wake up in the morning, and the very first thing they do—like as soon as they open their eyes—is start bickering and fighting. I also joke that my three girls would fight over anything, even a ball of lint.

I take small consolation in knowing I am not alone. That's Inappropriate blogger and fellow mom-of-three Meredith Masony also deals with "non-stop" fighting in her house, and used this seemingly never-ending phenomenon as inspiration for a new, and frankly, spot-on video.

In the hilarious clip, Masony asks her kids why they are so annoyed at each other. Turns out, touching one another, breathing in one another's "eye holes," laughing during a funny show, wearing clothing, and assorted other "major" grievances are all it takes. Sounds like my house.

Next, Masony asks her kids what exactly she can do to make them happy and end the sibling rivalry. Their suggestions? Make the others move out, or sell one of the kids. Yeah, not gonna happen.

So how does Masony stay sane when her kids fight? "It drives me to drink...literally," she told Parents.com, adding, "The amazing part is that they fight simply because they are together. None of it makes any logical sense. They fight because the others are breathing. Every day at drop-off and pick-up there is an argument."

The good news? All kids fight. My brother and I nearly killed one another when we were little, but now, we are the best of friends. That's why I am able to hold onto hope for my kids' future! Masony says she also hopes one day her kids can also get along. For now, she tells us, "Honestly it amazes me that they can't find something in common considering they share DNA. I spend a lot of time hiding in my closet and office. I also have wine on auto-ship."

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and soon-to-be mom of 4. Find her on Facebook where she chronicles her life momming under the influence. Of yoga.