Sarah Cottrell's Facebook post is an homage to parenting through the hard days and a reminder that everyone struggles sometimes, and that's OK.

tired mom not feeling blessed
Credit: Predrag Popovski/Shutterstock

When it comes to posting snaps of our little ones on social media, many of us tend to gloss over the hard stuff in favor of picture-perfect images that may or may not have been staged. And yes, I have been guilty of this on occasion. Which is why I found it so refreshing when mom-of-three Sarah Cottrell took a decidedly different approach on her Facebook page yesterday, sharing some serious real talk about how frustrating life can sometimes be as a working mother.

"This is me. Right now. Trying not to pull my hair out," she wrote in her now-viral post. "I have been trying to finish the laundry I started yesterday and do the dishes (we don't have a dishwasher because I AM THE DISHWASHER.) My oldest son is bouncing off the walls (literally, there is a frigging dent in the wall), my middle wild child just bonked his head while spelunking in the linen closet and now has an ice pack on his developing egg, and the baby - pictured here - is either starting to teeth or is testing out the theory that if she screams loud enough and for long enough that I will actually cry. CRY."

So relatable! I mean, we've all had those moments, right? I know I have—and I only have TWO kids, both of them now over 12. Still, I've experienced many days like the one Cottrell describes in her post, where I hadn't showered, eaten, or gotten dressed, even though it was well past 2 p.m.

"I don't feel #blessed in this moment," she explained. "I feel frustrated and tired. But that's what parenting is, right? It's this crazy journey that is mostly rewarding but pock marked by sh*tty days like this one. I file these moments away in my heart for when I need to remind myself that I am only one person. Like every other mom, I am trying my best to do this right. And I totally screw it up at least a dozen times a day. I won't ever color neatly inside the lines of motherhood, but I love my kids with all my heart. And right now while the sink is full of dirty dishes, at least one kid is whining, and I smell faintly of pee and spit up (don't ask) that big feeling of love is all I got. And I call that a win."

So do we, Mama! So. Do. We. Big hugs and high-fives all around.

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