Mom's Post Calling for the End of Mom Shaming Is Taking Over the Internet

If you are sick of being mom shamed, this post is for you! Mom blogger Karen Johnson says it's high time we celebrate each other as "good moms."


Mom shaming is rampant. As a "victim" of many shaming comments about my "imperfect" life and decisions as a mother of three, I can speak from experience that it's extremely hurtful when someone (often whom you don't even know!) claims you are a bad mom, or "doing it wrong," when you are just being honest about your experience.

That's why I was pleasantly surprised to come across a viral post written by mom Karen Johnson, who blogs on the popular Facebook page 21st Century SAHM. Her post, which has been shared over 441,000 times at time of writing, confesses all of her supposed mom sins, and also makes the powerful point that no matter how you mom, you aren't better or worse than anyone else.

"My house is never clean. Like ever. I have friends (with kids) whose houses are spotless. Are they better mothers than me? Nope. Am I a better mother than them? Nope," Johnson writes.

She adds:

"I work out every day. I have mom friends who don't exercise. (I mean other than running around like crazy people after their kids). Does that make either of us a better mom? Nope.

I have a friend who gave birth in a pool in her living room. I pushed mine out in a hospital bed after receiving a gift from the epidural fairy. Both of us are good moms.

I drink a beer or glass of wine (sometimes in front of my kids!) on occasion. I'm a good mom. My neighbor and good friend doesn't drink. Also a good mom.

I'm a yeller. I have a good friend who is quiet and extremely patient. I envy her. But we are both good moms."

Johnson goes on to share that sometimes her kids eat Popsicles for breakfast. She swears, and she's only somewhat involved at her kids' school. None of this makes her a worse mom than those who buy 100 percent organic, never curse, and are PTO presidents.

"Are stay-at-home moms better than working moms? NO. Are working moms better than stay-at-home moms? NO. Are married moms better than single moms? NO," she writes, adding that regardless of religion or sexual orientation, every mom is a good mom.

"So how about this? Can we all climb down off judgmental mountain for a second? And just support one another? And just say, Hey, motherhood is hard. You're doing a good job. Raising kids can knock the wind out of a person. You got this," Johnson ends her powerful post, which has received more than 30,000 comments so far praising her call to end mom shaming once and for all.

Johnson told, "I am blown away by the huge response but I think it's a testament to how much we all need to hear this message." She added, "I think the post is so relatable because we are just exhausted and sick of hearing judgment about our parenting, just because it's different from another person's."

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She also said, "Parenthood is so incredibly hard, we are often full of self-doubt already, and then we have to face criticisms from others. How great would it be if we all gave each other some grace and support instead? And realize that there are so many types of 'good moms?'"

Amen to that!

What is your take?

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger/mom. Find her on Facebook and Instagram where she chronicles her life momming under the influence. Of yoga.

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