Payton has more people to love her this way, and what more could a mother ever want for her child?
Brittney Johnson
Credit: Courtesy of Brittney Johnson

Bashing the woman your ex has taken up with is a fairly common thing—especially when the two of you have kids together. It's pretty hard to sit at home picturing a newcomer cooking your kids' meals and tucking them in at night without feeling just the teensiest bit jealous, you know? But when Brittney Johnson learned about Kayla Imhoff, the woman who is currently dating the father of her 4-year-old daughter Payton, she decided to flip convention on its head and show her some love instead.

"To all of the mothers out there who throw a fit when another woman treats your child as her own: why isn't that exactly what you want?" Johnson wrote in a now-viral Facebook post. "I prayed one night for the type of woman my daughter's father would be with, knowing that she would be raised in two homes. Kayla has been a gift of so much more than I could have hoped for."

So beautiful! This is one mama who totally gets it.

"Let me tell you, I'm raising a strong girl, a smart girl and a sweet girl," Johnson continued. "And I want nothing more than for her to be surrounded with role models who are exactly that. Thank you Kayla for showing Payton how to chase her dreams, how to work hard and stay up late to study for a test. Thank you for still making time to ride her bike with her and make her mac and cheese even in one of the stressful times of your life. You're a true role model and an amazing bonus mom and we are so proud of you!"

We love that this mama was able to find the silver lining in a potentially precarious situation in order to realize that the more people who love her daughter, the better.

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"If you're co-parenting and seeing your child doing things like this doesn't bring a smile to your face, reconsider what's truly best for your child," Johnson explained. "It takes a village, and I happen to love mine."

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