Mom Hilariously Documents Her Kids' Many (Many!) Questions

Chances are, you've been asked these questions too (but hopefully after you've had your morning coffee).

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Think about what happened this morning as you quickly huddled your kids together to eat breakfast, pack their backpacks, and get out the door on time. During that daily rush, can you estimate how many questions your kids asked you?

From where their jacket is to how dinosaurs became extinct, a study in 2013 found that kids ask their moms an average of 288 questions a day.

Yep, that's right: Your kids pummel you with nearly 300 burning questions every. Single. Day.

That stat might come as no surprise to you, and definitely not to mom-of-two Jess Dukes. The Brooklyn-based mama recently started a Tumblr where she records the riddles her two kiddos (Alanna, 8, and Sakon, 5,) ask her before 9 a.m. And more importantly: before she's had her coffee. "About a year ago, I started writing down their questions. Eventually, I posted 'Questions I Have Answered...' on Facebook, and people seemed to love it. I started a Tumblr, mostly as a way to collect them all in one place," Dukes says. "It's a fun glimpse at their wide-open kid brains, and of our lives."

Her kids' brains come up with some pretty incredibly hilarious questions. To name a few that had us LOLing:

"What if you put bacon in an envelope and mailed it to somebody?"

"Can people touch owls?"

"What if we lived in cheese?"

"What happens if you pee on an ant?"

What's almost as entertaining as their questions are Dukes' answers (to the above, in order: It would be gross. Yes. That would be messy. Probably nothing).

"They tend to wake up with these questions burning holes in their minds. Sadly, I'm not caffeinated when they ask me so they usually get lame, one-word answers instead of the intelligent, creative answers they deserve," she says.

If you need a good laugh or some suggestions on how to answer those ridiculous—and so interesting—questions your kids come up with, check out Dukes' blog for some inspiration.

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