The props needed for this mommy-daughter duo's adorable photo shoots just involve a trip to the supermarket's produce aisle.


How do you get 32,000 followers on Instagram? Start posting adorably creative photos of your toddler "wearing" fruits, vegetables, and even flowers! Best part? You don't even need mad sewing skills to do it.

Instagram's @seasunstefani, a.k.a mom Alya Chaglar in Turkey, loves posting photos of her 3-year-old daughter Stefani striking cute poses, and one theme in particular has made them the apple of many eyes: Turning lettuce, bananas, roses, broccoli, grapes, cauliflower, and more into "dresses" for the toddler and snapping pics of the results.

Chaglar told HuffPost that it all started when she held a slice of a watermelon in front of her daughter, who was standing in the distance, making it look like Stefani was wearing the piece of fruit. It was so much fun they decided to make it a regular game—the toddler loves to "model."

This reminds us of the "peach butt" craze where parents would take photos while holding the fruit over their babies' tiny bare bums—just elevated for the toddler set. The best part is how much Stefani is enjoying herself in the pics—she's such a ham!

Check out some of our favorite shots:

What a rose:

50 shades of green:

Melon madness:

Vegging out...

Grape escape...

Let us know what fun photos you take of your little ones!