By Ellen Sturm Niz

Well, good news, moms! You could win your ultimate Mother's Day gift just by tweeting out your wish. Paypal launched a special social media campaign to celebrate the holiday this year, and all you have to do is share the gift you're wishing for on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram through Wednesday, May 6th, and tag the post with #ultimatemomsday. They want you to think big, so ask for presents small or large—and feel free to include why you need or want the gift you're asking for.

I checked out the #ultimatemomsday hashtag on Twitter, and here's what some other moms have asked for:

@PayPal I would love a new tent so I can take my family camping over Mothers Day! #ultimatemomsday

@PayPal #ultimatemomsday I would love a new Iphone 6 to keep in touch with my daughter when she goes off to college this fall!

Dream Mom's Day gift is a stone patio/fireplace in our backyard to make it more useable year round like vacation everyday #ultimatemomsday

Amelie @BookSprites Apr 26

Know what would be amazing for mother's day?A Dutch style Public bike so I can keep up with my kids! #ultimatemomsday

Hmmm, those are some good ideas! What do you moms want? Ask for anything, and maybe Paypal will surprise you with it!

Ellen Sturm Niz is a New York City-based editor and writer who could really use a good shoulder rub. Follow her on Twitter and Pinterest.

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