Mom Who's Had Kids Home for 11 Years Straight Celebrates Back to School in Viral Photo

The internet is loving this mom's hilarious first-day-of-school photo. Will you be raising a glass when your kiddos are back in class?

Summer is dwindling down and kids are already going back to school in some parts of the country—which means lots of happy parents! Because let's face it—while it's nice to embrace those long, lazy days and be schedule-free for a while, eventually the excitement wears off and you're just left with lots of free time and not much to fill it with.

Which is why the start of the school season couldn't come fast enough for Jena Willingham, a mom of 3 in Alabama who captured the pure joy of sending her kids up and away on those big yellow buses with a single, hilarious image on Facebook:

"Happy First Day of School everyone!" she wrote.

Just check out the looks on her kids faces—priceless! And is anyone else here craving a mimosa now? My kids still have a month left of summer break, so it'll be awhile before the head back to school and I can sip on a cocktail as I float aimlessly around the pool. Of course, I don't have a pool. But I can always stick an inflatable swan in my backyard pond or something.

In the meantime, so many people could relate to Jena's excitement at the prospect of scoring a little much-need "me" time, that her spot-on post quickly went viral.

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"You say in the pic what so many of us moms are feeling but aren't brave enough to say!" wrote one commenter, who added a pic of herself reveling in a mid-day pedicure. "I personally enjoyed my day of relaxation...the bus will be here soon!"

All good things must come to an end, I guess—at least until tomorrow. Time to start chugging that drink, Jena.

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