Author Glennon Doyle took to social media to celebrate the unidentified mom.

By Maressa Brown
January 29, 2018

An unidentified woman who was attending her child's soccer game is the star of a now-viral photo. In the shot, the clearly exhausted mom is taking a good old-fashioned nap on the ground. Author Glennon Doyle took note of the situation, snapped a shot, and took to social media to sing the woman's praises.

"On this Thursday morning: I give you MY NEW HERO: This soccer mom at my kid’s last game," Doyle wrote. "Whilst all the other moms stood on the sidelines with great concern and worry and volume: this hero laid her body down on the ground, her head down on her purse, and her jacket over her face - and napped. Every once in a while, the sideline would wake her and she’d raise her arm and say: yay."

Glennon went on to explain why this really struck a chord with her. "I love her," she wrote. "Her entire existence said: I’m showing up for my kid. But I’m not gonna pretend I’m not exhausted about it."

She then gave an all too important shout-out to "WOMEN WHO FREAKING REST WHEN THEY'RE TIRED": "Let us know them. Let us raise them. Let us be them. I would like to formally nominate this Soccer Mom Hero as the President of the Women Who Have Run Out Of Effs To Give Club. I will be Secretary in Charge of Meetings. There will be no meetings. I salute you. #OOFClub."

Many moms on Instagram and Facebook weighed in with praise for this mom and others who follow suit. "This is awesome and priceless!!!" one woman wrote on Instagram. "Thank you for sharing and giving all of us Moms permission to just effing rest! #OOFCLUB" Another said, "Love her honesty. Love her selfless act of showing up and her self-love act of napping." Another spot-on response: "Omg. Yes. To all of this. #allthenaps #allthecoffee."

All too often, the internet lends itself to mom-shaming and snap judgments of women simply trying to get through #momlife day by day. It's beyond heartening to see that this photo seemed to have the opposite effect -- bringing moms to rally around a common, relatable necessity. There is no shame in just freaking resting when you're tired!