A mom's wizardly magic turned her son's frown upside down—and his scar into a Harry Potter tribute.

By Melissa Willets
May 16, 2016

Any parent whose child has had a particularly upsetting boo-boo knows this face:

Credit: mommybrittaney/Imgur

In a photo shared on Imgur by user mommybrittaney, we see a little boy in tears over a cut on his forehead.

"I was doing laundry and he decided the pile of clothes in his room looked too fun for him not to jump on. So he jumped and slipped and hit his head on the edge of the bed frame," the mom explained in her post.

She went on to explain, "First pic, I took for myself .... Then I washed him, used neosporin/bandaid ... Icepack, slept next to him holding a cool caprisun on his head. Next morning, removed bandaid to reapply, and guess what? It was a scab."

That is when inspiration struck because, as she said, "He was so embarrassed about his scratch and didn't want to leave the house and be seen with it that dressing him up as Harry Potter was my first instinct."

Harry Potter scar 2
Credit: mommybrittaney/Imgur

So this ingenious mom got out a magic marker and transformed her son's cut into Harry Potter's lightning bolt. The look was not complete without an important finishing touch.

Mom turns son's forehead cut into Harry Potter's scar.
Credit: mommybrittaney/Imgur

Loving the glasses, little guy! And the smile. Way to go mom, turning that frown upside down with just a little mommy magic.

In the end, mommybrittaney offers this advice: "Those of you who are parents, let them get a little dirty, let them have a little fun."

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