Should a mom have been criticized for her beverage choice for her 5-year-old?
chocolate milk at school
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Lunch shaming is nothing new, but now, a well-known blogger has shared a story about her son getting shamed for his snacktime beverage. Constance Hall, A.K.A. lover of all things having to do with queens, detailed the experience on her radio show, called The Queen Sesh, natch.

According to Fox News, Hall said that her 5-year-old son was chided for having chocolate milk as part of his morning break snack at school. His teacher said it was not "healthy enough for recess." The boy later told his mama he would only be permitted to sip the chocolately-dairy product at lunchtime.

"So I said to the teacher, really? The options are that or juice and because he can't have any bread or anything substantial I give him the milk to line his tummy a bit because he's probably hungry," Hall rebutted on her program.

She also expressed anger that the teacher made her son feel badly about his drink. But that wasn't the worst of it. Apparently the teacher later lectured Hall about nutrition and said she'd sent her little guy to school with the "worst breakfast ever."

Ultimately, this mom felt her son being singled out for his chocolate milk could have gotten even uglier. Because what if she didn't have enough money for an alternative?

"There are other mothers who can't even afford to do lunch orders and then for them to get shamed about what they're giving their kid for recess, I just don't like it," Hall said, adding she had personal experience with being in this place previously.

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My take? It's hard enough being a mom! If one day we send our kiddo to school with a treat, that doesn't make us bad parents. I'm pretty sure most of us do our very best to make sure our children are eating and drinking healthy meals and beverages as often as possible. So enough with the shaming!

What do you think?

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