Dear every husband everywhere: Watch this video if you really want to understand your wife.

By Melissa Willets

After 10 years of marriage, my husband understands (sometimes) that when I say “fine,” it really means I am totally pissed off, and things aren’t even remotely fine. But many times, he still gets confused by the true meaning of things I say, like “whatever” and “sure.” Will he ever learn?

“That’s Inappropriate” blogger Meredith Masony has been married for 14 years, and still experiences similar communication issues with her hubby. It’s with that in mind that she has put together a new video on her website, to help husbands everywhere translate what their wives are really saying.

Sorry. When wives say this to their husbands, it typically means they aren’t sorry at all, even if they are in the wrong, and should say “sorry.” In fact, like most women, Masony confesses that she rarely comes clean and admits wrong-doing. Therefore, “sorry” is just a way to end the fight, and move on.

Ill do it. Like Masony, when I snap at my husband that "I’ll do it," it really means I’m super-annoyed that he hasn’t done whatever task it is, so I’m transitioning into martyr-mode, and announcing I’ll do it, when I really don’t want to or even plan to. But it’s kind of like an ultimatum, and when I say “I’ll do it,” my hubby usually realizes I mean business, and he can delay no more.

I dont care. Do women ever not care? Husbands, don’t be fooled by this one. We always care.

Watch the entire video to see more translations. And check out Masony’s new book, “Scoop the Poop.

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and a mom. Find her on Facebook where she chronicles her life momming under the influence. Of coffee.



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