Mom Parodies the Crazy Lengths We Go to Project the Perfect Life on Social Media

Is it as exhausting for you to pretend your life is perfect online as it is for this hilarious vlogger mama?

We are all guilty of playing up the good parts of our lives on social media, while hiding the not-so-good parts.

Now one of our fav mom vloggers, Kristina Kuzmic, has posted a new YouTube video that nails the lengths moms will go to project the perfect lives to our friends.

For instance, who wants a pic of their messy kitchen, piled high with dishes, showing up on others' Facebook feeds? Not a problem for Kuzmic, who simply sweeps those pesky clues that her life isn't perfect right off the counter, before snapping a social media-ready image!

Kuzmic offers another awesome hack for those of us who aren't exactly ready to become contestants on "Cupcake Wars." You'll have to watch the video to find out how the baking-challenged mama can still convince friends online that she is an accomplished cake-maker. But trust us, it's genius!

This hilarious mama also has a few more tricks up her sleeve for faking the perfect life on social media. Want your teenager to look like he still wants to be anywhere near you? A little photo editing is all you need to pull that off!

There's nothing Kuzmic won't do to prove her life is perfect. Even putting a wig on her young daughter to avoid others thinking she has frizzy hair isn't beneath her.

Of course, this is all done tongue-in-cheek, and serves to highlight the ridiculous things we'll do to try to portray the perfect life online. In the end, Kuzmic speaks for all of us when she says the truth is what is most impressive to others. And that we should stop just sharing the perfect moments and get real!

That's why I posted a video of my kids screaming their heads off the other morning. In my messy kitchen.

Because I can't even pretend my life is perfect. That just seems like way too much effort. And who would believe me anyway? I do have three kids under age 8 after all!

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Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and a mom. Find her on Facebook where she chronicles her life momming under the influence. Of coffee.

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