This mom is stepping up to the plate in the most amazing way for her friend battling ALS.

By Melissa Willets
December 16, 2016
best friend makes ultimate sacrifice
Credit: JustMe/YouTube

Grab some tissues before diving into this heartbreaking, yet uplifting story. It's about an Illinois mom named Sara, who is in the final stages of her battle with ALS, and her best friend, Missy Armstrong.

Both women—who have been "inseparable" since 1999—are moms; Sara has three kids, and Missy has two, according to Pop Sugar. Maybe that's why Missy understands the unthinkable heartache her BFF faces in leaving her children behind.

"She said that she can deal with the fact that she's dying, but she can't deal with the fact that her kids would be split," Missy told news station WQAD. And so she agreed to adopt Sara's children—11-year-old Cayden, 9-year-old Micah, and 8-year-old Amara—saying, "She would do it for me."

"She just bawled and said, 'Are you kidding me? Do you swear?' and I said, 'Yeah,'" the soon-to-be mom of five recounts of her friend's reaction. According to The Daily Mail, Missy is currently in the process of legally adopting the kids, and she must act fast. Because tragically, Sara may not make it to Christmas.

mom leaves behind 3 kids
Credit: JustMe/YouTube

Another friend organized a donation effort for gifts for the kids. A fundraiser is also planned for after the New Year to help raise money for the family, who may move to a larger home to suit their needs.

Told you this was quite a story! It makes me think about what I would do if a friend asked me to adopt her kids. I'd like to think I would step up and help in any way I could. But adoption is a huge responsibility! That any friend would find me worthy of it, well, wow. Makes me realize what a truly incredible bond Sara and Missy must have.

Here's wishing them, and the kids, every possible peace, comfort, and joy this holiday season and beyond.

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