A mommy blogger shared a post on the thoughts that run through her head after a day of work...and how different they are from her husband's musings.

By Zara Husaini Hanawalt

Motherhood is the one job that never offers time off—and when blogger Meredith Ethington posted about this very issue on social media, most mamas totally understood.

The mom, who blogs at Perfection Pending, listed the thoughts that run through her head at the end of a long day in a Facebook post. Even just reading through her mental stream is emotionally exhausting.

"OMG. This house is a mess. Do we have enough bread for lunch tomorrow? I need to have a talk with the five year old about honesty and have him return that toy he 'borrowed'. I hope I can get some sleep tonight. Like, actual real sleep where I have a dream, or twitch, or something. I should buy a sleep mask," she wrote. And that barely even scratches the surface of her thoughts.

But Ethington's husband's end-of-day thoughts? Well, according to her post, they're far more succinct. "THOUGHTS DADS HAVE AFTER A LONG DAY OF WORK:

I'm going to lay down here and take a nap real quick," she wrote. Sound familiar?

"I just snapped the picture because I laughed to myself about how easily he could relax with all the chaos around him. I thought lots of women could relate," Ethington told Parents of her decision to share the photo. According to the blogger, reactions to the photo have been "mostly positive," with fellow moms saying they can relate.

Ethington expected a few people to take the post the wrong way and assume she was bashing men. "I sort of expected it because I know that on the Internet like are quick to make assumptions," she said. "[But] I was a little surprised at the number of people that just assumed I was saying my husband doesn't help around the house,  because he absolutely does." Ethington even wrote a blog post to clarify that her husband definitely helps—but doesn't understand how her mind works, and the mental load that many moms carry.

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"I shared a picture of him resting on the sofa with these same sentiments on my

page, and was immediately annoyed when the men came out to tell me how stereotypical I was being," she wrote. "Really? I didn’t think this post was about you. I thought it was about me not being able to relax and take naps."

Can you relate to what this mama said? Do you also have a tough time shutting down mentally? It's definitely a common mom struggle!