Don't Call Me Oscar features adorable, pint-size re-enactments of this year's best picture nominees.
Credit: Don't Call Me Oscar/Tumblr

The Oscars are just four days away. But as a mom of two kids, it's kind of rare for me to get out and see a flick that doen't star a panda, a zebra, or a cartoon sponge. Which means I haven't seen most of the films that are nominated this year.

OK, fine. I haven't seen any of them.

Do I care all that much? Not really. I mean, I may not have seen The Revenant yet, but I'm still rooting for Leo to finally take home the win.

Still...while I haven't actually hit the box office in a good six months, I can appreciate the awesomeness of the annual Don't Call Me Oscar photography series, in which mom Maggie Storino teams up with her daughters—Sophia, 5, Sadie, 3, and now Sloane, 8 months—to bring us mini-me interpretations of this year's nominees: The Big Short, Bridge of Spies," "Brooklyn, The Revenant, Room, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Martian, and Spotlight.

Check out the pint-size Storino's take on Leo in The Revenant:

Credit: Don't Call Me Oscar/Tumblr

Too cute!

But there's also an authentic vibe going on here. Maybe that's because, as Storino told Today, the pics take about a month to pull off. "We start when the best-picture nominees are announced and finish a week before the Oscars," she said. "I try to pick pictures based on props we already own. So when I saw that the doorknob in Brooklyn matched our doorknobs, I knew we had to do that film still."

brooklyn movie
Credit: Don't Call Me Oscar/Tumblr

So fab!

And apparently, while the daughters are undoubtedly the stars of the series, the whole fam gets in on the action. "Between creating sets and discussing the photos, we spend a lot of thought on each photo," Storino explained. "So when it comes time to take the actual picture everyone is excited. Even if someone isn't in the picture, they're in the background trying to get a laugh or, in the case of my husband in Big Short, keeping Sloane from eating Jenga blocks."

Credit: Don't Call Me Oscar/Tumblr

Jenga...yum! Obviously the project has inspired the girls to hone their improv skills!

"Sadie asked for the entire backstory of the film stills," Storino explained. "At several points in Bridge of Spies, we stopped everything so Sadie could answer a phone call from the bad guys."

brideg of spies
Credit: Don't Call Me Oscar/Tumblr

Pretty impressive...maybe this kid will actually have an Oscar in her future!

Of all the pics taken this year, however, Storino says it's the one from Mad Max: Fury Road that's her fave.

kmad max
Credit: Don't Call Me Oscar/Tumblr

How much do you love all those toy cars!

If only there was an Academy Award for "Best Picture."

Oh wait...

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