The award for the most beautiful meals ever goes to this creative mom. You have to see these mini-meals turned into artwork to believe them!

Raise your hand if you battle a picky eater on a daily basis? I know I do! My solution? So not as creative as California mom Kim Anh Chang's. She started creating amazing food art for her 2-year-old daughter Sam so she would be more likely to eat her meals.

"I figured if I plate her dishes into something cute she will show more interest in eating it," this super-inventive mama told The Huffington Post adding, "My goal is to create artful dishes to help my finicky eater share the same meals as the rest of the family. I want her to grow up getting use to eating what everyone else is eating and not have to make a separate meal just for her."

Chang's adorable creations for Sam include Lambie from Doc McStuffins and Rapunzel, made from rice, noodles and assorted other edible meats and veggies. She says her meal art is inspired by her daughter's interests. Because what little girl isn't obsessed with Disney?

I showed my 3-year-old daughter some of Chang's creations, and she was totally impressed. But I wonder if arranging her food to resemble her fav characters would entice her to eat foods she refuses now. According to Sam's mom, that is exactly what happened, and she also discovered an unforeseen benefit. "I noticed she's wanting to eat more and more and looks forward to the time we can spend in the kitchen together," Chang said.

If you're like me, you're probably wondering how much time it takes Chang to put together these dishes. "The time depends," she says. "It can take 10-15 minutes to 30 or even longer when she helps me."

Chang says her favorite dish is the one she dubbed "Teddy Bear went fishing today." "Like most of my dishes, Teddy Bear went fishing today provides three out of the five food groups (rice, meat, and veggies). I especially like this dish because I grew up eating it—rice with caramelized pork bones and veggie soup—so I would love it if she can get used to it and enjoy it as much as I do. I'll probably be making more of this dish but plated differently.

Um, too bad I don't think I could even close to mimic her edible art! For now, the battle with my trio of picky eaters rages on!

If you have plate-envy, here's a how-to video on how to create a dish like Chang's.

You can see more of Chang's amazing, edible artwork on Facebook and Instagram.

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