Supermodel mom Molly Sims aptly describes her 14-month-old daughter's new walking skill as equivalent to that of a "drunk sailor."

By Hollee Actman Becker
May 24, 2016

Look who's walking! It's Scarlett May, the 14-month-old daughter of supermodel Molly Sims and her film-producer husband Scott Stuber. The proud mama announced the big news on Instagram over the weekend, with an adorable shot of the upright tot looking pretty in pink and impressively steady on her feet.

Sweet Scarlett definitely seems like she's got the whole walking thing down. But looks can be deceiving—because, according to Sims, her kid may be on the move, but she is far from ready to hit the catwalk.

"She's a drunk sailor, but she is walking," the 42-year-old mom of two told People. "She's lock-legged, and walking!"

I totally remember those days! In our house, we called it the "Frankenwalk."

Meanwhile, Sims and her 47-year-old hubby almost missed out on witnessing the milestone. Hey, it happens, right? But luckily, Scarlett's big brother Brooks Alan was on high alert. "He's turning four in a month, and he wants her to talk and walk," the model mama explained. [Brooks] was like, 'Mama! Mama, look!' And we caught her, and she did it. She just took that step. It's fun, it's sweet."

And apparently, it's also quite dangerous.

"It's awful. She's fallen two times," Sims admitted. "She had blood in her mouth yesterday. She has scrapes on her because especially during the witching hour when she gets tired ... literally it's like she just had a pint of tequila."

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