The families of Las Vegas victims don't have to worry about affording the trip thanks to this amazing gesture from Miracle Flights.

Las Vegas flights
Credit: Elnur/Shutterstock

We could all use a bit of kindness in the wake of the tragic Las Vegas shooting—and a Las Vegas-based charity is extending an amazing gesture of goodwill to those affected.

Miracle Flights, a charity that offers assistance to those who require travel for medical procedures, has just announced an offer to benefit families affected by the shooting. The company will provide free commercial airline flights to the families of the victims.

“This senseless loss of life happened in our own backyard. As residents of Las Vegas, our families and our friends are personally affected by yesterday’s tragedy, but we know that so many of the victims were here in Las Vegas from out of town,” said Miracle Flights CEO Mark Brown in an emailed release. “Though we typically fly patients for medical reasons, our overall goal as an organization is to alleviate the financial burden of travel for families in crisis, and this fits within that mission. If you’ve had a loved one impacted by Sunday’s tragedy and need financial assistance to fly to Las Vegas, please call us.”

Nothing can take away what happened in Las Vegas, but by making one aspect of this a bit easier for the families affected, Miracle Flights may just be giving the families of victims something they desperately need right now.

"The decision was an easy one. For 32 years, Miracle Flights has been based in Las Vegas," Brown told "This is our hometown, and the community has generously supported us in fulfilling our mission. During that time, we have flown over 110,000 flights for children and adults that are in need of expert medical care in faraway locations. This is what we do."

"The shooting is an unspeakable tragedy.  During times like this, it is important for the families of the victims to know that they are not alone. There is a large community and family to help support them through this tragedy. Miracle Flights is part of that family," Brown added.

To speak with a flight coordinator or book a trip, please contact Miracle Flights at (800)-359-1711.