Here's how one family created the perfect holiday photo, from across the world.


Mom-of-four Ashley Sistrunk is facing celebrating Christmas without her husband, who is deployed in Iraq. Understandably, she thought about skipping the holiday card, until she had a great idea.

"At first it bummed me out. I was so sorry for myself, thinking, 'I just want a picture with my husband in a Christmas photo,' and that's when I thought, I can put him in a photo," Sistrunk told about her inspiration.

The Colorado mom and her kiddos shot their side of the card near their home, while her hubby Brandon shot his side where he is stationed abroad. Photoshop helped them make their family complete!

Although Brandon had to endure a couple of reshoots to make the card "perfect" for his wife, he told, "I was very happy with the idea of still being able to display our family greetings to our friends."

Despite now having a holiday card they are proud of, Sistrunk admits being apart during the holidays is very hard on their family. "This is actually the first deployment where the older children are old enough to be angry about their father being away," she said.

It's true: no matter how creative and inspiring their card is, it doesn't make up for the fact that they can't be physically together to celebrate Christmas. Maybe that's why Sistrunk joked on Instagram, "Can someone call Ellen and tell her to bring him home for me?! K thanks."

Ellen, you listening?

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