Nothing puts us in the holiday spirit like a dad who's terrorizing his family as a life-size elf named FLE.

By Melissa Willets
December 10, 2015
dad elf on the shelf on fridge
Credit: Megan Wynberg/Facebook

Warning: You may never look at a treasured holiday family tradition the same way again after seeing this! Meet father-of-four Joe Wynberg, A.K.A. FLE, a life-size 'Elf on the Shelf' who is "tormenting" his family this Christmas—and making Internet users everywhere practically spit out their gingerbread lattes when they burst out laughing due to his antics.

"So we finally caved and decided to do the 'Elf on the Shelf' thing. The kids are going to be so surprised! We named our elf FLE and he will be in some pretty precarious spots over the next 24 days! Enjoy," Joe's wife Megan Wynberg wrote on Facebook as a means of introduction to their oversized Santa spy. In the accompanying photo (at left) is Joe, dressed head-to-toe like the tiny doll parents meticulously re-position around the house leading up to Christmas. Oh, and he's perched atop the refrigerator.

Over the next several days, FLE gets himself into far worse trouble than that. He's done everything from dip into his kids' advent calendars, to create snow angels in the foyer, to suspend himself upside down outside the window. Wynberg says about that shot, "My wife did not get the pic the first time I did it."

dad elf advent calendars
Credit: Megan Wynberg/Facebook
dad elf snow angel
Credit: Megan Wynberg/Facebook
dad elf window
Credit: Megan Wynberg/Facebook

Yet, even after that challenging photo shoot, the next night FLE climbed onto the roof of the house and tried getting in through the chimney! He's even pulled down the entire Christmas tree on top of himself, and tried ziplining across the family room using a string of Christmas lights.

elf chimney
Credit: Megan Wynberg/Facebook
elf tree
Credit: Megan Wynberg/Facebook
elf ziplining
Credit: Megan Wynberg/Facebook

The Wynbergs admit finding time to execute their elaborate photo shoots is difficult with four kids. I'm just wondering how they are going to top what they've already done. I mean, they have to keep this up for another three weeks!

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