Perfect for any nursery or kids' room, this humidifier is even fit for unicorn-obsessed adults. 

Elodie Unicorn Humidifier
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We can justify buying just about anything these days as longs as it is disguised as a unicorn—which is why you should meet Elodie, the unicorn humidifier from Firebox. We can't handle the cuteness.

If you’re anything like us, humidifiers are our low-maintenance go-to for preventing infections and sinuses, boosting sleep, moisturizing skin, and creating a relaxing scented ambiance (by adding essential oils)—benefits we think are magical enough to come straight from a unicorn’s horn.

Unicorn Humidifier
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This fun décor piece not only changes colors for the perfect mood lighting, but it puffs out a cool mist that lasts up to 6-8 hours. It even has an auto shut-off option that you can set to 60, 90, or 180 minutes because we all know convenience is key.

The little guy is valued at $56.39—a steep price that comes as no surprise to us considering unicorn anything is always in high demand.

Besides the price tag, who wouldn't want to bask in a magical cloud of unicorn goodness? Elodie may just be worth breaking the budget for.