By Erika Rasmusson Janes
July 14, 2015
Steve and Stevie 41766 Your dad is obviously a famous footwear designer. What have you learned from him about creating cool shoes?Stevie: I love spending time at my dad's office and factory. This helped me dream up styles for this Target collection, for girls just like me.

P: How do you balance being a footwear designer with being a regular 7-year-old kid?S: Even though I design shoes, I still go to school and have time to play with my friends. I love living in New York City. Some of my favorite things to do are hanging out at Central Park and cheerleading with my friends.

P: Has being a designer always been a goal of yours? And if so, what's next, having achieved that dream at age 7?!S: Yes! My dream is to run my own fashion company someday. For now, I'm working on more Stevies styles for Target. P: How would you describe your own personal fashion style? What's a typical/favorite outfit?S: I like to plan my outfits to fit with what I'm doing – whether it's going to school, to hang out with friends, or play with my brother and sister. I always like to have a cool accessory, and picking out shoes to match my outfit is always my favorite part of getting dressed.

STEVIES Shoes 41767

P: What—or who—inspires your designs?

S: My daddy's shoes.

P: Your shoes have cute has tag names like #TEXTME and #KISSYFACE, so we have to ask: Do you really have your own smartphone?S: I love taking pictures on my phone and texting with my friends!

STEVIES Shoes 2 41768

Image of Steve and Stevie courtesy of Steven Madden, Ltd.; images of shoes courtesy of Target