These little kids made a big difference through GoFundMe campaigns this year.


These days, the holidays can feel like a season for getting instead of giving. But for these 10 GoFundMe kid heroes, it wasn't just this season, but all year that they were thinking about helping others. So if you could use a little less Hatchimal hunting and a little more of getting back to the basics of what the holidays are all about, meet these 10 kids, who are among the most inspiring from GoFundMe's kid heroes.

Kid Heroes Of 2016 Isiah
Credit: Isiah/

Isiah's Hand Sanitizer Fundraiser

This Virginia second-grader wanted to help the kids at Eisenhower Elementary School in Flint, Michigan. "They have a lot of water bottles from big companies but they still can't wash their hands at school," he said on his GoFundMe page. Incredibly, this young man raised $15,216 for his cause.

Kid Heroes Of 2016 Vinny
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Victory for Vinny

A second-grader who donated his hair to make wigs for kids with cancer was unthinkably diagnosed with the disease himself. A GoFundMe account was started for Vinny to help his mom, who was pregnant at the time of his diagnosis, and his dad, a combat veteran, pay for his medical costs. And this year, more than $456,000 was raised for this amazing, giving little boy and his family.

Kid Heroes Of 2016 Marcos
Credit: Marcos/

Smiles for Less Fortunate Children

Thirteen-year-old Marcos from San Francisco raised almost $6,000 this year to help kids in a remote town in Argentina, where his mom is from, get dental work. "When I was younger, I had many dental problems such as crooked teeth and ones that were sideways causing me to have two surgeries," Marcos explained about his inspiration for the project on his GoFundMe page. "When I first heard about these kids, it touched me because of all of my experiences having bad teeth and I immediately wanted to help them out."

Kid Heroes Of 2016 Khloe
Credit: Khloe/

Help Khloe Make a Difference

A little girl who raised more than $16,000 for charity says on her GoFundMe page, "I'm an example of how one kid can make a big difference. No dream is too small or too big!" Khloe has organized a variety of giving projects, like her "Kare Bags" of toothpaste, socks, and soap, which she handed out to homeless women in her community.

Kid Heroes Of 2016 Campbell
Credit: Campbell/

Project 365 by Campbell

A 12-year-old named Campbell has spent the past three years sewing teddy bears for sick kids. He raised more than $31,000 on GoFundMe to send the bears worldwide, and with that money he bought a laser cutter to create moving joints for his bears.

Kid Heroes Of 2016 Katherine
Credit: Katherine/

Katherine's Ten Years for $10,000

Katherine had a big goal for her 10th birthday: to raise $10,000 for her favorite charity, an animal shelter called Centre County PAWS. "This means SO much to me because I have loved animals my whole life and do everything I can to help them," she said on her GoFundMe page, which helped her reach her goal!

Kid Heroes Of 2016 Alexis
Credit: Alexis/

Alexis’ Traveling Fund

Fifteen-year-old Alexis from Iowa is losing her vision and hearing due to a genetic mutation called Autosomal Dominant Optic Atrophy. But this brave girl wants to travel the world before it’s too late. Her GoFundMe campaign has raised money for trips to France and the U.K., and she’s not done yet.

Kid Heroes Of 2016 Corbin
Credit: Corbin/

Corbin’s Caring Christmas Cause

A 12-year-old named Corbin has been raising money for animal shelters for the past several Christmases. “I began doing this three years ago after my uncle had died from a rare form of leukemia. My uncle had worked at an animal shelter and was a huge lover of animals of all kinds,” Corbin explains on GoFundMe. This year, he has raised $1,700. Go, Corbin!

Kid Heroes Of 2016 Athen
Credit: Athen/

Poke Glo for Pokemon GO Safety

Athen's mission is simple, as he explains on GoFundMe: "I do not want anyone to ever get hurt playing Pokemen GO." So this awesome little boy created glow buttons and raised close to $8,000 to further his mission.

dee saves the whales
Credit: Dee/

Dee the Fat Whale Saves the Whales

A teen who was cyberbullied about her weight turned the deeply upsetting incident into something good. Dee, who was called “a fat whale” by mean-spirited peers, started saving money for Save the Whales, and to date, she has raised $11,375. “I can take someone's hate and use it to spread love. Overcoming things like this is not easy but people need to know that it is possible and they have support,” Dee wrote on her GoFundMe page.

Of course, all kids who give are truly an inspiration!

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