Watch as these gay parents evolve from newbie helicopter dads to experienced (and exhausted) parents in this hilarious Luvs Diapers commercial. 


Luvs Diapers latest commercial tells a tale that's relatable to every parent out there. The scene is set—two dads bring their son to the hairdresser for the first time, and all they can do is hilariously micromanage the moment. Fast forward to their second child, and a good old-fashioned, two-second bowl cut in the kitchen will do the trick. Not to mention these gay dads are #goals, and gay representation in marketing and media has become extremely popular these days.

Fussing over every moment while documenting it all comes with the newness of parenting, and we all can agree—it's pretty hilarious to think about how obsessive you can get. But after the first kid, life is too exhausting, and parents start picking their battles.

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Kudos to you Procter & Gamble, who's featured diverse families—including gay and transgender—in a series of ads. Normalizing all types of families is important and powerful when done through the media. Keep them coming!