Little Girl Told Her Mom That She Found a 'Bra' in Her Dad's Car

After the 4-year-old spied what she was convinced was a bra, she "tattled" on her father, prompting him to take to Twitter and share the funny story.  

Parents know that kids are often all too observant, and if they happen to catch wind of something eyebrow-raising, there may very well be awkward repercussions. For hilarious proof of exactly this, look no further than a story going viral on Twitter. On Wednesday, June 27, a dad writing under the Twitter name @AngryManTV took to the site to share that his 4-year-old daughter attempted to snitch on him for having another woman's bra in his car.

"My 4-y/o daughter tried to jam me up today," he wrote, going on to share how it went down with his wife.

"Kid: Mommy, why is your bra in daddy's car? Me: What!? The Mrs hit me wit a killer side eye. She ain't been in my car in weeks Me: Ain't no bra in my car!! Kid: Ya huh, cup thingie with straps *we all go to garage & look in car*"

Yeah, the "bra" was actually just a 3M facemask.

Of course, Twitter blew up with amusement, giggling at the dad's misfortune and how quick the little girl was to rat him out.

Good thing this dad is no stranger to L.O.s' investigative skills. He admitted that all of his kids snitch, calling them "lil' ass detectives."

Good to know this lil' detective actually got it wrong this time around!

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