Parents are not happy with this new tardiness policy, which could get pretty expensive very quickly.

Running Late for School
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If you're of one those moms who has a hard time getting your kiddos to school on time (join the club) you may have to start paying for it. At least if you live in Utah, where Stansbury Park High School will now slap fines on kids who are tardy.

That's right. While the first offense will be a warning, the second is a $3 fine. And after that, parents will have to fork over $5 for each late arrival. And while the money will go to a fund that'll be used for the students, is it just me, or does $5 seem a little steep? Because we're not just talking about lateness to school here. According to assistant principal Cody Reutzel, kids who are late to classes once they're already inside the building will have to pay up as well.

"It's a choice," he explained. "It's a personal decision of whether you're going to walk from class A to class B and be on time."

Parents received an email from the school district that outlined the policy, and mom Julie Rae—whose son attends Stansbury High—is less than pleased. While she agrees the fines can help teach students responsibility, she says administrators should have consulted with parents first.

"I think it's opening up a Pandora's Box," she told Fox 13. "That's not going to fix the problem that they're facing."

She may be right. Because while I'm sure there are kids who like to lollygag around between classes, that doesn't necessarily mean that's what all the kids who are tardy are doing. Sometimes making it to class on time simply depends on things like how far apart the classrooms are, how long your legs are, or whether or not you need to stop and hit up the bathroom or have a quick chat with your teacher first.

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What do you think—should students have to pay fines for being late to class?

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