The actress opened up about involving her daughters Lincoln and Delta in holiday meal prep for a new Whole Foods Market campaign.

By Maressa Brown

Let's be honest: Prepping for Thanksgiving is an overwhelming feat. But it can also be an opportunity to share entertaining or even educational moments with our loved ones. And that's exactly what Kristen Bell seems to feel. For a new campaign with Whole Foods Market, the actress opened up about how she and her family handle the holiday.

Bell shares with People that for the past two or three years, she's made the same mistake. “Between me and my mom, we forget to pull the tofurkey out of the freezer,” the vegetarian actress admits. “We were so concerned with the turkey for everyone, so 5 p.m. rolls around and we’re like ‘Oh no, we have a frozen tofurkey.'” The solution: eat the Tofurkey the day following Thanksgiving.

On the actual holiday, she loves making it a priority to prepare and serve a sweet potato dish. “There’s so much you can do with it like twice baking it and adding to it to be sweet or savory by putting fruit like pomegranates on top or putting maple syrup on top of it.”

The mom of two girls -- Delta, almost 3, and Lincoln, 4 -- went onto explain how becoming a vegetarian when she was just 11 years old lead to her learning an important lesson about conscious eating. “I think it’s important to make eating not just conscious, but fun, and I think it’s important to pay attention to where your food is from and what food is going into your body,” Bell notes. “I knew that from a really young age because I became a vegetarian at 11 and my mom’s a nurse so she said if you’re going to be a vegetarian you need to know what foods you need and how to feed your body.”

Right on! And now, Bell's having similar conversations with her daughters, particularly as she gets ready to tackle Thanksgiving this year. “I do like to involve them as much as I possibly can,” Bell says. “I also like that they are interested in the fact that I care so much about food and we can talk about that and why we eat the foods we eat, and talk about a colorful plate when I’m cutting up vegetables for a platter or a dish. We talk about what goes into it and why it’s good for your body. We have a lot of those discussions in our house so they understand that eating is something that should be done consciously.”

Right on! Love how Bell is making the most of family time in the kitchen. Delta and Lincoln are sure to learn so much from their mom this holiday season.



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