The actress sat down with Jimmy Kimmel and talked about the pros and cons of road tripping, avoiding the flu, and bouncy houses, obviously.

By Maressa Brown
January 18, 2018

There's so much to love about Kristen Bell, but one thing that's endlessly endearing is her hilarious honesty about #momlife and her marriage to Dax Shepard. That was on full display in a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday, January 16 when Bell opened up about recent road trips with her daughters, Lincoln, 4, and Delta, 3, as well as an epic fight she had with Dax back in 2010 when they first started dating.

Given how much the Shepard-Bell household has been traveling -- they went to Mammoth and prior to that, were in Oregon -- Jimmy and Kristen talked about keeping the kiddos healthy. The mom of two said she feels grateful that so far, they've managed to avoid catching the flu. "We've been traveling a lot too, so it's kind of remarkable," she said, also noting that everyone got their flu shot.

Jimmy then asked how diligent the family is about handwashing and not touching germy objects, Kristen cheekily replied, "I don't touch my kids! they're Petri dishes, so... We go on a lot of road trips and use a lot of gas station bathrooms, and I feel like we're really lucky."

Kristen went on to explain how road trips of a certain length mean towing Dax's off-road vehicle. "Here's the other thing that he doesn't know that I recognize what it is," she explained. "Look, it's an attachment, it's a lovey. My one daughter has a lamby, my other daughter has a blanket, my husband has a thousand pound off-road vehicle, and I have my vape pen... Hashtag edgy mom!" Amazing.

And when they're not towing an off-road vehicle, it's quite possible the family of four is toting a bouncy house on a trip. Yep, really. Jimmy recalled, "We went camping together over the summer with our families, but Dax brought a full-sized bouncy house -- one you'd rent or be at a carnival."

"[Dax's and my] job was crafts or entertaining the kids," Kristen noted, and Jimmy said he felt like they "really delivered" on the entertainment. But the mom of two questioned that, wondering, "Did my husband find the only toy where you can actually leave your kids unattended and get a break? It's the lazy parents' choice, because you're really like, 'Go bounce! Sweet!' and then like, nighttime mask, and we're out."

Too funny.

Although, not all road trips have been quite so lighthearted throughout Dax and Kristen's relationship. Almost five minutes into the interview, the 37-year-old shared a pretty epic story of fighting with Dax early on in their relationship. The two were riding on a motorcycle from New York to Michigan, where they're both from, and found themselves arguing about everything from the music they were listening to to helmet laws.

"Dax Shepard believes that if he is in a state that does not have a helmet law he should be ‘observing the local culture' and not wear his helmet," Kristen explained. "If he was on the highway, he had to wear the helmet. But if he was on side streets, he didn't have to wear the helmet. I'm not joking, he took side streets for like four hours just to make a point."

After it started raining, the tension escalated. "The rest of the road trip, I think through Ohio up to Michigan, we were fighting so bad we both lost our voice because we were screaming at each other on the motorcycle. And I refused to hold onto him, so I hold onto the back of the motorcycle like a boss."

The two had to endure a few more awkward, aggravating moments -- one including Kristen's mom and a full screening of multiple ALF episodes! -- before they talked it through, recognizing the value of compromise, and got on the same page. Fast-forward to 2013 when the two tied the knot, and these days, they're huge proponents of couples therapy and actually listening to one another in order to communicate in a healthy, effective way.

So, once again, Kristen Bell has proven that she and Dax are full-on couple -- not to mention parenting -- goals.


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