Kristen Bell Hilariously Explains What It's Like to Get Pinworms From Your Kid

The actress appeared on The Joel McHale Show this week and divulged all the funny, cringe-worthy details of her family's run-in with "anal worms."

Kristen Bell is known for putting it all out there, which is really just one of many reasons we adore the funny actress. And she did not disappoint when she was a guest on a recent episode of Netflix's new pop culture show The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale. Somehow, the conversation landed on Kristen's recent experience with what she referred to as "anal worms," aka pinworms.

“I did have anal worms two weeks ago—I swear to God,” the 37-year-old mom of two noted. "They’re called pinworms. My kids had them.”

Joel asked her if it was painful, and she said, "No, but it was very itchy. I’m not here to talk about pinworms, but I will. Fifty percent of people over 15 don’t experience symptoms, which is the itch. Your kids get them because they put their hands in their mouth and they lay eggs.”

She went on to explain that she was at her daughters' preschool and noticed the carpets had been stripped...because, as she quickly learned, there had been a case of pinworms. “Of course I immediately Googled it, and it’s like so, so contagious,” Kristen shared. Soon thereafter, she discovered that 3-year-old Delta was itchy.

“You have to monitor, and you have to look in their poop,” she explained. “And when you wipe their butt, sure enough—I wiped, and saw a little white worm. I know, she’s really gross. My daughter, not the worm. The worm was gross, too.” Then it was only a matter of time before Kristen was itchy herself. So, she and Delta, as well as husband Dax Shepard and 4-year-old Lincoln, had to take a "chalky" over-the-counter treatment. (She's likely referring to pyrantel pamoate, which causes pinworms to pass through the intestinal system.)

“We all did it, but I don’t think anyone got it but me and Delta,” Kristen shared before giving Joel an enthusiastic, long handshake. Ha!

Props yet again to Kristen for keeping it real—and letting moms and dads everywhere know that if it turns out their kid has an icky infection, they're so not alone!

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