Turns out, you CAN go home again—and find the romance there, too.


The most life-changing trip Kristen Bell ever took wasn't the one where she went to bless the rains down in Africa with husband Dax Shepard, although you have to admit their resulting music video was all kinds of epic.

How this little slice of awesomeness did not land the top-ranking spot is beyond me. But turns out it was a hometown visit last summer to the place Bell grew up in Michigan that earned the best vacay honors. Because as the mom of two daughters—Lincoln, 4 and Delta, 2—explains in an essay she wrote for the current issue of Airbnb magazine, it ended up having a huge impact on both her marriage and her feelings about going home.

"My husband and I really wanted our kids to experience some time on a Michigan lake like we did growing up," she wrote. So The Good Place star rented a 15-bedroom house and spent a week there paddleboarding, ping-ponging and making s'mores.

"I learned more about my husband as we both shared stories about things we did growing up," Bell continued in the piece. "We've decided to go home, at least for a week, to a Michigan lake every year."

Awww. Is there ever a time when these two aren't complete couple goals? We'll always be partial to that time they lip-synced in the rain with gorillas, but we think this sweet story about going home again is pretty amazing, too.

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