The star couple took to Instagram for a domestic dispute we've all seen before.

By Melissa Willets
February 23, 2017

My husband has one room in the house: the storage room. Sorry, but if I gave him control of any other space, it would turn into a disorganized mess, with no aesthetic appeal whatsoever; a fact that has been proven again and again over our 10-year marriage. I mean, he thinks it's perfectly okay to store our lawn mower on an old mattress.

It seems star mom-of-two Kristen Bell feels my pain, and that of many other wives worldwide. Bell recently took to Instagram to post a photo of the less-than-desirable location her famous hubby Dax Shapard chose for his comfy chair:

Um, Dax. The middle of the room? Come on!

One commenter summed up how relatable this couple's dispute is by writing, "Every single man on this earth is exactly the same in someway."

One look inside our storage room would prove just this.

Meanwhile, Shepard didn't just take the situation lying down, so to speak. He also presented his side on Instagram:

Commenters also came to the star dad's defense. One pointed out, "It's a home not a museum. Enjoy yourself!"

Fair point. I'm sure men everywhere would agree. But doesn't Shepard know that's what man caves are for?

What's your take?

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