The parents-of-two are cracking us up with their version of domestic bliss. 

By Maressa Brown
April 17, 2017

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are all of us. Okay, yes, they may be famous and hilarious, but when it comes to the ridiculous, far-too-real issues the parents-of-two duke it out over in their home, most couples can relate! For instance, if you haven't been following, back in February, the pair took to Instagram to document their feud over a La-Z-y Boy chair. Kristen said there was absolutely no way her husband would get away with plunking it down in the middle of their living room, while Dax was trying to make a case for the chair's "aesthetic appeal." Ha.

Unclear how it turned out with the chair, but now, the pair is sparring over a whole different object: a three-wheleled motorcycle Dax recently planted on their front lawn.

First, Dax posted this ...

Then, Kristen replied with her own perspective on the trike.

Maybe we don't all have to ask our partners to remove their three-wheeled hot rods from our lawns, but being aghast at something they brought home and then having to compromise on what in the world to do with it? Yep, happens all the time!

Thankfully, these two are setting the perfect example of how you can handle even the most aggravating domestic situation in a really funny way. Gotta love these two!