Kids Celebrate 'Tell a Joke Day' With Dad Jokes for the Best Reason

Kids are dusting off their best jokes to make an important point about the roles fathers play in their children's lives. Get ready to LOL!

It's time to do away with the idea that dads are "babysitters"—this world is full of wonderful fathers who raise their children with competence, care, and love. And let's not forget about humor—dad jokes, while notoriously cheesy, never fail to elicit those big belly laughs.

That's why the Ad Council chose to release a hilarious and adorable video today in honor of "tell a joke day." The video is part of the Ad Council's fatherhood involvement campaign, which aims to send a clear message about the nature of fatherhood and the important roles dads play in their kids' lives. 

This particular video features kids telling their best "dad jokes" (yup, it's every bit as adorable as it sounds). But this isn't just a cute video; it also represents an important issue: dad involvement. According to the Ad Council, 86 percent of dads spend more time with their children than their own fathers spent with them. This affects their children's' lives in some really important ways: Kids with involved fathers are more likely to succeed academically and less likely to exhibit high-risk behaviors.

We can't deny that dads have the power to shape their children's' lives, or that dads are more hands-on and capable than they've ever been before. That's why we're loving this sweet video—it doesn't just make us laugh, it also makes a really important point about fatherhood today.


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