By Jessica Hartshorn
July 08, 2015
Khloe Kardashian

Your Kardashian Kids line is in both Babies "R" Us and Nordstrom online! (and in Babies "R" Us stores July 9th)

"Our Nordstrom collection will have some pieces that are exclusive for them landing in October. Some of the same looks are at both places, but Nordstrom has some exclusives. The main difference is that although Babies "R" Us is all over the U.S., Nordstrom can ship to 97 countries around the world, so it's way more accessible."

kardashian kids

Any pieces you're particularly excited about?

"In the boy's fall styles there's a hoodie with wolf ears. Whenever I see my nieces and nephews wearing little animal pieces they just look so cuddly! I love it. You know, you can make kids kind of like your little toys. It's dress up! I love to dress up my nieces and nephews."

And they let you?

"They're all very opinionated but Mason especially needs everything to be comfy and soft. He's incredibly opinionated when it comes to fabric. North and P [Penelope] are both only 2 but they both also have strong opinions. P walks around with a little purse, and North has hot pink Doc Martens that she loves. They know what they like! But basically if you give P her purse, she's good. Then she'll wear whatever you want."

Do you notice any mistakes that new parents make when stocking up on baby clothes?

"People buy so much because they're so excited about having a baby and the clothes are so cute! But you don't realize how quickly your child grows. Bodysuits are perfect because they're easy. And then you should have just a few special outfits for when you go out. Don't buy really fancy clothes for all the time! That's not realistic. Babies throw up, and also shoes fall off, so just be aware of what you're putting your money into. Your baby will only wear each shoe size for like a month! Mason's closet, because he was the first one—it was ridiculous how many clothes he had. But I get it, it's hard to resist."

Have you and your sisters ever thought of doing a maternity line next?

"We've talked about it. Neither of my sisters really believe in maternity clothes. They like to wear regular clothes in stretchy fabric. But they both love J Brand maternity jeans. Maybe we'd partner up with another brand for a season! It's such a hard niche, but when someone is good at it, they're great at it."

Which niece or nephew is your favorite?!

"I do not have a favorite and would never dare! Well, it depends what day it is. Just kidding! I feel different about each one. Today is Mason's day. I'm taking Mason out and he's older, so for my birthday we went bowling at 6pm and he could come with us. He hung out in the arcade trying to win a toy from a game and was getting so frustrated. I had to explain to him that those games are not set up for you to win. So I promised him that if he could hang out with us bowling, then today I would take him to get a Lego set that he wants."

What can you do with your nieces and nephews even better than their parents?

"I think parents are so tired that any new person with energy has an advantage over them. I'm hyper and crazy so when I'm with my nieces and nephews I get really excited and will roughhouse. And sometimes if I'm over too late I make them too energetic at the end of the day! Then Kourtney will yell at me later. But that's what an aunt or uncle is supposed to do!"

Jessica Hartshorn is the Entertainment Editor for Parents magazine and the Senior Lifestyle Editor for American Baby magazine, and perhaps a hoarder of teeny-tiny baby clothes. They. Are. So. Cute.