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Kendra Wilkinson Posted an Unedited Bikini Pic and the Internet Is Loving It

The former Playboy Playmate skipped the airbrushing and inspired moms to embrace their own post-baby bodies.

You'd think a former Playboy Playmate would be self-conscious about posting a swimsuit pic on social media that hasn't been airbrushed and filtered to perfection. But not Kendra Wilkinson Baskett.

The sexy mom-of-two has always been known for keeping it real, and she didn't disappoint when she took to Instagram yesterday to share a stunning poolside bikini pic with her fans. In it, The Girls Next Door alum's killer curves are on full, unedited display, as are her stretch marks. And Kendra's followers are loving her for it!

"Thank you for showing us the real you!" wrote one commenter. "Its so refreshing as a woman to see others embrace the beauty of what we have as bodies rather than hide it, cover it up and get surgery to take it away. You are so beautiful inside and out Kendra!"

"Seeing the stretch marks made [me] smile because I hate mine," added another. "But seeing you Kendra shows I can embrace them."

And from a third: "Love u for not Photoshopping out your stretch marks! True beauty is real beauty!!!"

It's an important point that's sometimes hard to remember. I'm not gonna lie—my first thought after seeing this pic come across my newsfeed was something along the lines of "OMG I never would have posted this without editing it first." I know, I know...shame on me. But with all the Kardashian-level retouching that goes on these days, it's pretty rare to see anyone—let alone a celebrity—looking like an actual human being, flaws and all. So don't hate the player, hate the game.

But Kendra's raw, unfiltered pic is real and it's spectacular. This is one star who clearly gets that stretch marks and six packs aren't what define a woman. And the fact that she didn't feel the need to address it in her caption makes her message all the more clear: True beauty comes from within. Maybe it's time for us to follow this gorgeous mama's lead and champion our own post-baby bodies instead of feeling bad about them. I can definitely get on board with that. But as for deleting my thinify app? I'm not quite there yet #babysteps.

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