Josh Duhamel talks parenting advice, what being dad to son Axl has taught him, and what he has planned for Fergie's fourth Mother's Day.

By Lindsay Tigar
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Known for starring in action-packed films and for his outgoing, goofy personality, father-of-one (and hubby to Fergie!) Josh Duhamel definitely stays busy. From starring in blockbusters to picking up his 3-year-old son Axl from school, he's always trying to find a balance between the career he loves and the family that makes his life.

Recently, Duhamel partnered with Claritin for its 'Be an Outsider' campaign, which encourages families to not let the shift of seasons stop them from riding bikes, going hiking, and getting that much-needed dose of Vitamin D together. Here, Duhamel shares with his sweet plans for Fergie's fourth Mother's Day, the best parenting advice he's received, and the biggest parenting mistakes he's ever made.

On Parenting Advice:

Everyone (and their brother and their neighbor) has words of wisdom to share when you have a child, but for Duhamel, the most helpful advice came from his father. "My dad told me 'to give a child the freedom to explore,' and for me growing up in North Dakota, those moments were primarily spent outdoors," he told "Living in California, my family is lucky to have access to amazing trails, beaches, and parks. My son has grown to appreciate the same outdoor activities from my childhood. Our favorite things to do are running around on the beach, hiking the trails behind our house, bike riding, playing in the park, kicking a soccer ball, and simply enjoying the fresh air. When I'm on my own, I love playing golf and exercising outside. Even when I am on the set of a movie, I find time to get outside and toss a football around or just get out and take a breath of fresh air."

On His Favorite Childhood Memory:

Like father, like son: Duhamel grew up a lot like Axl is spending his time—running, jumping, playing, and staying out until the stars start to twinkle, signifying it's time to head indoors for dinnertime. "My best childhood memories are those with friends exploring the great outdoors, bike riding, catching frogs, and fishing. I feel fortunate to have grown up in a place that allowed me to develop an appreciation for being outside all year and I love sharing it with my wife and young son," he said.

On His Biggest Parenting Fail:

Regardless if you have an A-list entourage of nannies or just your mother-in-law on speed dial for when mishaps happen, every parent battles a faceplant moment now and then. For Duhamel? He says his biggest parenting fail was introducing his kiddo to chocolate. As we all know, that sugar rush can be tough (read: nearly impossible) to manage in a toddler.

On When He Feels Like an Awesome Dad

Depending on the time of day, you might feel like an all-star or lackluster parent. But it's important to remember those moments when you know you're doing an A-okay job and that your child, of course, loves you. "Every time I pick him up from school and he runs to me, screaming 'Daddy!' There's no better feeling than that as a father," Duhamel shared.

On Mother's Day Plans:

Duhamel was mum on his plans for the big day, but he promises the celebration will have two key components: "I'm still planning, but it will probably be something low key and all about mom."

On What Being a Dad Has Taught Him:

By the time Axl goes to school, graduates from high school, and one day, has a family of his own, we're sure Duhamel will have a laundry list of lessons he's learned from being a dad. But already, three years into his son's life, he's learned something immensely valuable: how to live, right now. "Being a dad has taught me patience and to enjoy the moment. I'm never more present than I am when I am with my son," he shared.



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