John Legend helped a very lucky set of siblings sway their mom on some totally relatable parenting issues. Who knew he was such a prankster?

By Zara Husaini Hanawalt
September 27, 2017

Stellar musician, awesome father, goals-worthy husband....and now we can add hilarious prankster to the list of John Legend's descriptors.

Baby Luna's dad starred in a Capri Sun ad...and let's just say this commercial doubles as a comedy short. If you find yourself missing Ashton Kutcher's Punk'd era, this'll fill the hole in your heart—albeit with a fun parenting twist!

The video features Legend conspiring with two adorable kids who are out to prank their unsuspecting mama (and have Legend sway her to change a few rules while he's at it!) The commercial shows Legend stopping into a yoga class and parking himself next to the mom, who has no idea what's happening. He wears an earpiece and takes instructions from the kids, who are watching the whole thing unfold. It all starts with Legend staring straight at the mom with a creepy smile plastered on his face, and IT. IS. GOLD.

...But it only gets better from there. The young boy instructs Legend to tell his mom that "kids shouldn't have to take piano lessons." Spoken like a kid who is tired of practicing scales! The little girl chimes in as well, commanding Legend to say "I think little girls should be able to wear makeup. Makeup! Makeup! Makeup!"

The kids also ask Legend to slam bedtimes and chores as well. Clever kids, huh?

Obviously, it all ends with the kids asking Legend to sell the mom on the idea of giving her kids Capri Sun to drink. Which makes us really crave a pouch of the stuff....and a yoga mat next to  John Legend's.