Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids if a Woman Can Be President, Guess Who Says 'No'

Before HIllary Clinton joined his show last night, Jimmy Kimmel asked a group of kids if a woman can be president—their answers aren't exactly what we hoped they'd be.

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Jimmy Kimmel got a group of two little girls and two little boys together to ask about their feelings on a female president, and their answers were extremely eyeopening.

First, Kimmel quizzed the kids, asking them to name some women who have held the highest office in the land.

"I think women are not presidents," answered one of the boys.

"They're too girly," the other boy added. "They'll make, like, girl rules."

When Kimmel asked the boys to elaborate, one said he thought a woman president might offer free makeup to the world. Another one of the boys' concerns is that she would be too focused on decorating the White House. Even one of the little girls in the group agrees when he says, "They might even paint it pink."


Then Kimmel asked the kids if women can do anything men can do. And, fascinatingly, the girls said "yes," but the boys said "no." Similarly, the boys did't think a woman should be president, while the girls were in favor.

"How would a woman president do if there was a war?" Kimmel asked next.

"She would lose before the other team would lose," said one boy.

But one of the girls had a different view. She said a woman would make it stop so people wouldn't die.

And then, guess who walks in the room? Oh yeah, it's Hillary Clinton!

The girls know who she is, while the boys seem not to recognize her. Kimmel tells the kids that she's running for president, and they present some requests—namely that things be free in restaurants and stores, and that there's no school. Hey, doesn't hurt to ask, right?

I'll be honest: As a mom-of-three girls, this segment kind of turned my stomach. So I decided to ask my daughters if a woman could be president, to see what they would say. "Yeah," my 7- and 5-year-olds answered, looking at me like I was crazy to think otherwise. Phew.

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