A family trip to the aquarium didn't quite go as planned.


When Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon and his wife Nancy took their two daughters Winnie, 4, and Frances, 2, on a family outing to an aquarium while on vacay recently, things didn't go exactly as planned. Because kids. And the resulting photo the funny guy shared on Instagram is just so relatable:

"When you stayed at the aquarium a liiiittle too long. #FamilyVacation," Fallon wrote in the caption.

Ah, the best laid plans, right? We totally feel this. I mean what parent hasn't organized some kind of amazing adventure for their fam, only to wind up looking a little like this at the end of the day? The kids get tired, your feet start to hurt, someone is always hungry, and the sunburn is real bad. How on point is Fallon's touristy Hawaiian shirt, though?

TBH, we actually kind of love how real all of this is and think this shot is priceless. So stick it in a frame and hang it with pride, Jimmy! And take heart, because none of us actually have picture-perfect families, and at the end of the day, all your kids will really remember from this day is that their amazing parents took them to the aquarium. And that shirt—they'll probably remember that shirt.

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